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I’m Yegor Bugayenko (Russian: Его́р Бугае́нко), a programmer, founder, investor, and philanthropist.

Update: Since September 2019 I’m a Director of System Programming Laboratory in Huawei RRI.

I was a founder and CEO of Zerocracy, a software engineering and management platform with an absolutely unique methodology called XDSD (watch this video). Most of the ideas behind the methodology I explained in my book Code Ahead. I’m the author of a few patent applications, including Puzzle-Driven Development (PDD) Method and Software and Method for Software Cost Estimating Using Scope Champions. I’m a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®). Besides that, I’m a proud holder of RUP 7, PRINCE2 Foundation, MCP, and COSMIC certificates.

I am a programmer, I write mostly in Java, but also in Ruby, PHP, and JavaScript (watch this). I’m the founder and lead architect of Zold, Cactoos, Takes, Rultor, and a few others. You can sponsor me on GitHub. Here are my favorite books about software engineering, and a detailed description of my work environment. I’m an Oracle Certified Master and Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect (OCMEA). Besides that, I’m a proud holder of ZCE, ZFCE, and OCUP certifications. I’ve also written a book series about object-oriented programming, called Elegant Objects, plus a few other books, and founded a movement for better OOP.

I was an investor at SeedRamp.com, I’ve made a few investments, but I’ve got no results yet :)

I am a philanthropist, I donate a few thousand dollars every year (started in 2015) to the best open source project at the time, which I pick myself out of about a hundred in a more or less fair competition.

I’m also a bit of a scientist: Scopus, Google Scholar, DBLP.

Here is my resume and its longer and boring version.

Once a month, I send a summary email of my writing activity. If you’re interested in knowing what’s going on here, I can add you to my mailing list. Just give me your email address and briefly explain who you are and why you’re interested (I’m trying to avoid anonymous subscribers).

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By the way, this is what some people think about me and this blog: testimonials (18+, be careful!).

I’m also visible sometimes at BLOG@CACM, DZone, JavaCodeGeeks, Hacker News, Reddit, Medium, and Blog@Zold.

Ah, one more thing. I’m a big fan of good movies, so here’s my list of the ones I would recommend you watch. Also, here is my list of favorite fiction and non-fiction books.

By the way, I’m also an amateur artist, check buy my paintings.

Just in case, my public PGP key is 23C2244F.

If you are interested, my personality type is INTJ-A.

Here is my SO flair:

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This is my blue (#053c5e).

I also contributed to the development of IEEE 730-2014 standard.

Full list of my certifications.

BTW, if you wonder why 256, the answer is simple—this is my FIDOnet node ID back from 1995. I was 2:464/256 over there, and this is where my network presence has started.

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