As a junior researcher, I’m interested in two primary subjects: automated project management and object-oriented programming. You can find me in Scopus, Google Scholar and DBLP too. I’m also a co-organizer of ICCQ.

If you are a student and looking for a research topic for your diploma, or just want to do an interesting R&D project, pick one of the research question from one of the lists below, and then text me in Telegram, we will discuss:

A few more topics you can find in the objectionary/ideas repository, they are all related to EOLANG.

You may also pick one of our open source projects, and extend it with a new feature, presenting this work as engineering+science:

In each of them, there are over a hundred unresolved issues and pull requests. I can help you figure our how to formulate your coding contribution such that it would look like a diploma work.

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