As a side-tracking activity, I’m teaching in a few universities, mostly the courses about software development and project management. As much as it’s possible, I’m trying to video-record all lectures. Most lectures are in English, but some of them are in Russian too.

Sep 2023
Project Management Beyond Agile
in Innopolis University (Kazan, Russia)
10 lectures: in progress…

Sep 2023
Quality of Code
in HSE University (Moscow, Russia)
24 lectures: in progress…

Mar 2023
Pain of OOP
in Innopolis University (Kazan, Russia)
8 lectures: slides, videos

Jan 2023
Practical Program Analysis
in Innopolis University (Kazan, Russia)
10 lectures: slides, videos

Sep 2022
Ensuring Quality in Software Projects
in HSE (Moscow) and Innopolis (Kazan)
24 lectures: videos

Dec 2021
System Software Design
in Innopolis University (Kazan, Russia)
16 lectures: slides, videos

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