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This is what some of my readers think about me. The list is sorted by my personal preference, the most interesting comments are at the top.

“Self-opinionated intellectually-correct only-code-focusing high-ego moron”—José

“You’re a self opinionated asshole and I hope you suffocate under the weight of your giant ego, you clueless asshole.”—anonymous (by email)

“Yegor you are a professional name-dropper, a talker, not a doer, so please stop pretending your own dumb mantras, certs, “methodologies” like “puzzle-driven-development” (seriously?) mean jack-shit because you SUCK and are constipated with your own opinions. You are the epitome of what Dijkstra (a doer, unlike you) said was wrong with software development so go fuck yourself. I understand that you have to promote your business but goddamn you would probably choke any programmer who worked under you by dictating what angle they held a bloody pencil at you dip. Please stop”—anonymous (by email)

“You are great at writing code that is painful to understand, use and explain.”—Ross W.

“The author is the type of person that embodies everything that’s wrong with this industry: hypocritical, holds people to a standard he doesn’t meet, lacks basic empathy and the ability to put himself in another person’s shoes—some kind of coward/sociopath hybrid. Would be laughable if it wasn’t pathetic.”—NoOne

“That may be the most stupid use of object orientation I have ever seen”—Tor D.

” … insightless nonsense”—@andreasdotorg

“I have still a good opinion of you but some posts are just holy crap”—Siv N.

“A great intellectual masturbator of concepts that never gets his hands really dirty; in other words a misleader. Go back to your bedroom and play with your dick.”—Martin L.

“Your blog makes me think of how to structure a society so that people who share your philosophy of management would never get the chance to foist it on the people who don’t.”—Boris D.

“If I would be the one to decide what is irresponsible coding you would be imprisoned for a lifetime by me.”—David R.

“Do not waste your money on the book; It will teach you nothing—or worse, it may teach you to hold on to absurd, opinionated, borderline superstitious programming habits.”—Mario V.

“You’re a smug, pontificating prick.”—anonymous

“You must have a brain injury of some sort.”—Sofia

“You’re promoting waterfall, cutting corners, illegible code, dysfunctional social team dynamics, bad design principles and basically ignoring reality and anything our industry has achieved in the last decade.”—Lieven D.

“You are a moron that probably does not work in any real application ever, and I hope you won’t”—Peter V.

“You’re nothing more then a code monkey and I’d never hire you”—h3_t3ch

“I bought your first book and read it for 10 mins. Then realized it was a copy paste from your website and threw it to the trash can. I regret it tho, because I now own a dog and sometimes I need paper for him to shit on.”—Phantom190

“Wow, what a douche this guy is”—@klingtnet

“You’re everything that’s wrong with tech.”—Robert P.

“Author is a fucking moron.”—James

“Are you an idiot?”—Asshat

“You’re a sociopath.”—Odain

” … absolute and utter crap”—Rashid

“This blog is hilarious, the guy clearly is out of his minds”—Sas

“If just plain simply writing robust code in the first place is a problem for you—consider flipping burgers instead”—anon123

“Most of what I have read so far is a pretentious load of crap”—Michael

“By reading Yegor’s blog it is obvious to see that Yegor is not an experienced developer”—Timmey

“Please, don’t do any software design anymore.”—Alex

“I quickly lost interest in your blog because you clearly are a dick.”—Philippe

“If it’s a conference talk then people just leave the room, if it’s a project then it’s a just messy bunch of libraries that he puts together in the dirtiest way, and if it’s a podcast interview he can’t provide a good technical explanation of his point of view…“—@heldev

“You’re a weird individual”—Andriy

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