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Yegor Bugayenko is a famous software development expert, a book writer, a blogger, a conference speaker, and a CEO of Zerocracy, AI software company. He is the inventor of Elegant Objects paradigm of object-oriented programming, which radically improves the quality of code and makes it more readable and maintainable. His books collect five-star reviews on Amazon for the last four years. He is managing a team of over 300 programmers and is an active open source contributor, writing in Java, Ruby, JavaScript and PHP.

Aside from his regular speaking at international software conferences, Yegor, once in a while, trains programmers in their offices. You have a chance to see Yegor in your office with one of these three trainings:


#1: Object-Oriented Programming Done Right
Why classes get so big and turn into spaghetti code? What’s wrong with inheritance and what is the alternative? Why NULL is considered a bad practice and why we still use it? What immutability has to do with OOP and where does it help? What SOLID and SRP principles teach us and where they are wrong? Why getters and setters are bad practices and what should we use instead? Why the majority of design patterns are wrong and which one are valid? How to make sure the code is readable not only by its authors, but also by new team members? How to increase the lifetime of code and minimize re-writing?


#2: DevOps Done Right
Why continuous integration doesn’t work even though Jenkins or Travis are configured correctly? Why releases are delayed? Why production servers are regularly down, even though testers confirm the product is OK? Why cloud services are not used yet, even though everybody understands their importance? Why branches in Git are not used, and what is the right way to use them in a co-located team? What is blue/green deployment and how to utilize it right in a multi-node deployment configuration? How to migrate to AWS or Google Cloud, where to start from?


#3: Microtasking Done Right
Why, no matter how much we plan, our deadlines are missed? Why don’t we ever know how much will it take to implement features or to fix bugs? Why programmers don’t feel responsibility for the mistakes they make? How can we retain the best programmers in the team and minimize turnover? What can be done to prevent our competitors from hunting our best engineers? How can programmers be motivated correctly to care about quality of the code they write? How can manageability be increased of the entire team?

Your teams absolutely needs one of these one-day on-site trainings, if you experience problems with the quality, if your code is not as good as you expect it to be, if your programmers are not motivated enough and you are losing the best of them, or your DevOps processes are lacking stability. No matter what are your specific problems, a one-day discussion will seriously boost the performance of the team. This is the investment you make in your people, which will come back ten fold.

The price: $3,600 (plus travel expenses).

The duration: 6 hours (six 45 minute slots with QA sessions between them).


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“We really liked your workshop. It was awesome! You did a great job, and cool with how much energy you approached it. I think everyone learned a lot, I got a very positive feedback from everyone I spoke to.”
Martin Reichard,
March 2017, 12 people

“Большинству тренинг понравился. Некоторые услышали Ваши идеи впервые и отнеслись к ним настороженно. В любом случае все получили возможность услышать альтернативную точку зрения на практики ООП. Понравилась Ваша манера подачи материала, все очень конкретно и на примерах. Бывает, что лектор на вопросы,—‘А что делать, если вот так и так у меня в коде?’ уклончиво отвечает, что надо смотреть по ситуации и т.п. В отличие от таких лекторов у Вас все конкретно, если с чем-то не сталкивались или не согласны, то так и говорите. Большое спасибо за тренинг!”
—Александр Токмашев, Код Безопасности
January 2019, 38 people

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