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It’s a full list of my pet projects (which are still alive). If interested in helping any of them, don’t hesitate to email. Also, there are a number of projects, which I haven’t fully started yet, because I don’t have enough time. If you’re a Java or Ruby programmer, I’d be interested to discuss a co-founding opportunity for you: I will pay for all project expenses and you will write software. We will be co-founders. Email me.

badge is a chat bot that helps GitHub projects automate their basic DevOps procedures, including merging, deploying, and releasing. It is open source and non-profit. More about it at these articles:, a Merging Bot and Deployment Script vs. Rultor.
Founded 5-Jun-2013.


Qulice is a aggregate of a few popular and powerful style chekckers for Java, in particular Checkstyle and PMD. Qulice not only makes it easy to use them all in one package, but also extends them with a few dozen rules, which are pretty strong and rather controversial. I use Qulice in all Java projects of mine.
Founded 22-Aug-2011.

badge is a website availability monitor that constantly HTTP requests your website to measure how often it falls down. The generated availability metric is accessible via a nice SVG badge, a landing page, and via JSON/XML. More about it here:, Your Website Availability Monitor.
Founded 10-Mar-2017.

badge is an instant CDN for small projects. It helps webmasters to eliminate the necessity to pay for CDN and spend time configuring it. More about it here:, an Instant and Free CDN.
Founded 2-Mar-2016.

badge is a hosted puzzles collector for GitHub projects, which automates and streamlines Puzzle Driven Development in any public or private GitHub repository. This project is a member of Zerocracy family. More about it here: PDD in Action.
Founded 8-Dec-2016.

badge is a lightweight Basic authentication gateway for Amazon S3 buckets. Unfortunately AWS doesn’t provide such a useful and simple functionality, that’s why I created this small hosted service, which is actively used by 1000+ buckets up to date. More about it here: Basic HTTP Auth for S3 Buckets
Founded 22-Aug-2012.

badge is a hosted set of micro-services that help achieve statefulness in a multi-server/node environments. In other words, it provides persistent simple things accessible over the network. Still not clear? Check this out: Synchronization Between Nodes.
Founded 7-May-2014.

badge is an open source Java web framework, which adheres to almost all principles of object-oriented programming explained in my Elegant Objects book. More about it in this article: Java Web App Architecture In Takes Framework.
Founded 8-Jan-2015.

badge is an open source Java library of object-oriented primitives, which are the alternatives to Guava, Apache Commons, and JDK. More about it in this article: Object-Oriented Declarative Input/Output in Cactoos.
Founded 23-May-2017.

badge is an HTTP repeater, which stays as an extra layer between web apps and accumulates HTTP requests they send to each other. When requests can’t be delivered it repeats them multiple times. More about it in this article:—HTTP Repeater.
Founded 21-Aug-2017.

badge is a hosted service to backup your server-side data. You create a bash script and one of our servers regularly runs it in a Docker container, collect logs and lets you see them. It’s similar to Cron, but hosted. More about it in this article:—Server-Side Data Backup Service.
Founded 25-Jun-2017.

badge is a smart inbox for GitHub (and other, in the future) notifications we can’t parse in our email inbox, because there are too many of them. I use this system every day to filter hundreds of notifications GitHub is sending me. More about it in this article:, a Dispatcher of GitHub Notifications.
Founded 21-Feb-2016.


Tacit is a CSS framework without a single “class,” especially for those who don’t understand anything in graphic design, but want their websites to look attractive. More about it in this article: Tacit, a CSS Framework Without Classes.
Founded 7-Apr-2015.


JCabi is a collection of over 20 small Java libraries, which were designed with object-oriented paradigm in mind, to solve some very typical problems in my Java projects. Try jcabi-http, jcabi-s3, and jcabi-github.
Founded 29-Apr-2012.


Xembly is a language and a Java library for creating and modifying XML documents, which decorates DOM and makes it way easier to use it. More about it in this article: Xembly, an Assembly for XML.
Founded 31-Jul-2013.


Zold is a digital currency for fast micro payments, based on the proof-of-work principle, but without the Blockchain. More information about it at the White Paper. There is also a blog, where I regularly post some short articles.
Founded 29-Jan-2018.


Mailanes is a newsletter management email delivery web system that does what MailChimp and similar products can do, but in a much simpler and cheaper (it’s free) way. More about it in this article: Helps Manage Newsletters and Mailing Lists.
Founded 27-Aug-2018.


Soalition is a manager of social coalitions of online writers. You join a group as a member and start sharing your online content. Other members of the group re-post your content and earn reputation points. In exchange you have to re-post their content. Thus, you all gain better social visibility of your mutual idea.
Founded 28-Aug-2018.


0rsk is a free online risk management tool, to help you identify risks, record them in Cause+Risk+Effect format, analyze their probabilities and impacts, create response plans and stay informed about the most current agenda of thigs you have to do in order to implement those plans.
Founded 12-Apr-2019.

Others (less stable or successful): jpeek, xcop, phpRack, netbout, thindeck, h12.

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