My craft is software engineering, a domain defined by strictness, formalism, formulas, and rules. In contrast, filmmaking serves as my hobby, intended to be a realm of intuition, imagination, dreams, and miracles. However, my current experience suggests that cinematography encompasses both artistry and rigorous labor. I aspire to transform it fully into an art form in the near future.

My recently made films:

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In the seclusion of a hotel room, a man endeavors to enact a dramatic change in his life, but hesitates, navigating through several steps of reconsideration. Eventually, he makes the decision, yet it remains unclear whether it was wise or ill-fated.

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This is a “semi-finished film”. The main character experiences a deep disappointment about what has happened, but the viewer doesn’t know exactly what occurred. The viewer is invited to “cook” the film themselves by filling in the missing pieces with their own information about an event in their life that once led to similar experiences.

More films are coming, stay tuned!

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