It’s a full list of academic publications under my name, conference proceedings, journals, patents, etc. This is basically everything that was written and published by myself outside of this blog (in chronological order):

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By the way, I’m an organizer of ICCQ’21, ICCQ’22. I’m also a PC member of BCNC’21.

Bringing Industry Back to Conferences, and Paying for Results, Communications of the ACM, Volume 63, Number 11, November 2020, PDF

The Impact of Object Immutability on Some Class Cohesion Metrics, 13th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (ICCSIT), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October 2020, PDF, LaTeX

The Impact of Object Immutability on the Java Class Size, Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems, Verona, Italy, September 2020, PDF, LaTeX

The Impact of Constructors on the Validity of Class Cohesion Metrics, IEEE International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA), Salvador, Brazil, March 2020, PDF, LaTeX

The Benefits of Indolence, Communications of the ACM, Volume 62, Number 11, November 2019, PDF

Why Programmers Should Curb Their Enthusiasm, and Thinking About Computational Thinking, Communications of the ACM, Volume 62, Number 9, September 2019, PDF

Discovering Bugs, or Ensuring Success?, Communications of the ACM, Volume 61, Number 9, August 2018, PDF

We are Done with ‘Hacking’, Communications of the ACM, Volume 61, Number 7, July 2018, PDF

Method and Software of NetBout, US patent application 12/943,022, November 2010

How to Prevent SVN Conflicts in Distributed Agile PHP Projects, php|Architect, August 2010, PDF

Puzzle Driven Development (PDD) Method and Software, US patent application 12/840,306, July 2010

phpRack — Integration Testing Framework, php|Architect, June 2010, PDF

FaZend Object Relational Mapping, php|Architect, February 2010, PDF

Project Management Robot Method and Software, US patent application 12/703,202, February 2010

Quality of Process Control in Software Projects, IWSM/Mensura, Amsterdam, November 2009, PDF

Quality of Code Can be Planned and Controlled, The First International Conference on Advances in System Testing and Validation Lifecycle (VALID 2009), Porto, Portugal, September 2009, PDF

Competitive Risk Identification Method for Distributed Teams, 3rd International Conference on Software Engineering Approaches For Offshore and Outsourced Development (SEAFOOD 2009), ETH Zurich, Switzerland, July 2009, PDF

Method for Software Cost Estimating w/Scope Champions, 10th International Conference, PROFES 2009, Oulu, Finland, June 2009

Method and software for the measurement of quality of process, US patent application 12/264,370, November 2008

Method for software cost estimating using scope champions, US patent application 12/193,010, August 2008

The Interactive Databases Approach to the User Interface Modeling, KRDB, Seattle, May 1998, PDF

I published something even earlier, but can’t find links… Maybe later.

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