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A Disabled Test In Lieu of a Bug Report

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When you find a bug in an open-source library that you use, what do you do? You submit a GitHub issue (or whatever ticket tracking system they use). In the issue, you describe the problem in the best possible way, preferably providing a working code example that the author of the library can run locally to reproduce the bug. If you don’t provide them with an executable snippet of code, they will most likely ask you to do so, unless the bug is trivial. I suggest simplifying the workflow and giving them what they want right in a pull request: send them the bug in the form of a disabled unit test.

Dead or Alive (1999) by Takashi Miike
Dead or Alive (1999) by Takashi Miike

Say, there is a Rust library that provides a fibo() function that calculates a Fibonacci number, which you can use this way:

let n = 23;
let x = fibo(n);
println!("The {n}th Fibonacci is {x}");

You run it and it prints 17711, which is mistakenly the 22nd Fibonacci number, not the 23rd. It is definitely a bug. You submit a ticket, saying something like this:

I'm trying to use your library to calculate 
a Fibonacci  number, but for some reason, I'm 
getting a wrong result:  the 23rd number your 
library returns is 17711, while I'm expecting 
the number 28657. Please check and fix.

They will reply “Can you prove it, please? Show us the code!” and you will probably add this code to the ticket:

let x = fibo(23);
assert_eq!(28657, x);

Then, if they are disciplined programmers, a new unit test will be created and the fibo() function will be fixed. Moreover, if they are very disciplined programmers, they will submit the test in a separate pull request, disabling it. Then, in the second pull request, they will make a fix.

Why can’t you help them and skip the issue submission step? Just make the first pull request yourself, with the disabled test inside and a “puzzle” added to it:

// @todo #42 This test is disabled because the
//  fibo() function doesn't work correctly
//  with this particular number, it returns
//  17711 instead of 28657. Let's fix it.
fn calculates_23rd_fibonacci_number() {
  let x = fibo(23);
  assert_eq!(28657, x);

Such a PR serves as both a bug report (this is what the text of the puzzle will be turned into, once the PR is merged) and a test that reproduces the problem. It will be more than welcome by the repository maintenance team. This kind of PR saves the time they would spend creating a unit test. Also, it saves your time for creating a bug report, as it will be created automatically by the puzzles discovery tool.


BTW, this blog post was motivated by this pull request in the jcabi/jcabi-xml library, where a disabled unit test was added to the code base specifically to reproduce the bug. In addition to the test, a puzzle was added, which led to a new ticket, a new pull request, and finally a new release of the library.

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