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D29, a prototype

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D29 is a prototype of a new programming language and a development platform. Well, actually, not a prototype yet, but just an idea. As it looks to me, the languages we have now (even the most modern ones) are still close to COBOL/C and far from being truly elegant and modern.

Would be great if we can design a language/platform, which will be a mix of object oriented programming and functional programming, and will have all the features listed below, out-of-the-box.

Key principles:

  • everything is an object
  • byte and bytes are the only built-in types
  • strict compile-time static analysis

Native support of:

Maybe native support of:

  • cloud computing


  • no mutable objects (why?)
  • no public/protected object properties
  • no static properties/methods (why?)
  • no global variables
  • no pointers
  • no enums
  • no NULL (why?)
  • no scalar types, like int, float, etc.
  • no unchecked exceptions (why?)
  • no interface-less classes
  • no implementation inheritance (why?)
  • no operator overloading
  • all methods are either final or abstract
  • no mutability of method arguments
  • no mocking (why?)
  • no reflection
  • no instanceof operator (why?)
  • no root class (like, for example, Object in Java)
  • instant object destruction instead of garbage collection


  • native support of Java classes/libraries
  • compilation into Java byte code

If interested to contribute, email me. Maybe we’ll do something together.

Update: We created it, it’s called EOLANG.

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