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It’s time to do it! We’ve started work on a new programming language. Its name is EO (as in Elegant Objects or in Esperanto): eolang.org. It’s open source and community driven: yegor256/eo GitHub repo. It’s still in very early draft form, but the direction is more or less clear: It has to be truly object-oriented, with no compromises. You’re welcome to join us.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) by Woody Allen
Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) by Woody Allen

Why yet another language? Because there are no object-oriented languages on the market that are really object-oriented, to my knowledge. Here are the things I think do not belong in a pure object-oriented language:

  • static methods
  • classes (only types and objects)
  • implementation inheritance
  • mutability
  • NULL
  • reflection
  • constants
  • type casting
  • annotations
  • flow control (for, while, if, etc.)

And many other minor mistakes that Java and C++ are full of.

At the moment, we think that EO will compile into Java. Not into byte-code, but into .java files, later compilable to byte-code.

I really count on your contribution. Please submit your ideas as tickets and pull request to the yegor256/eo GitHub repo.

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