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Remote Programming in Teamed.io

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Here is an interview taken by Lisette Sutherland from www.CollaborationSuperpowers.com, a few hours ago, which I enjoyed to give.

I answered these questions (approximately):

  • How Teamed.io differs from other software companies (0:50)?

  • How do we control programmers remotely (1:59)?

  • Do we compare ourselves with open source (3:52)?

  • How do we build a network of programmers (5:10)?

  • Why people like to work with us (5:40)?

  • What happens when a programmer fails (7:50)?

  • How can it be financially successful (9:40)?

  • How do we organize “team building” (11:50)?

  • What challenges do we have (14:50)?

  • What about micro-management (17:55)?

  • Can this work in a non-IT sector (19:40)?

  • What do you do to manage the team (20:48)?

  • Isn’t it difficult to manage so many tasks (24:18)?

  • Do we have cultural issues (25:35)?

  • Is it true that people are not enough result-oriented (27:40)?

  • Are there any other challenges (29:12)?

  • What do I like personally about it (30:40)?

  • How do we scale our teams when we need more programmers (32:01)?

  • What an “unlimited pool of talents” means (34:40)?

  • What advice do I have for those who work remotely (37:50)?

  • Where do I work from, personally (39:10)?

  • How do we find clients (42:29)?


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