Also Seen At...

18 Dec 2018: АйтиХайп with Egor Tolstoy: video (in Russian).

22 Nov 2018: Люди PRO with Sergey Pavlovich: video (in Russian).

5 Sep 2018: FrontEnd Weekend with Andrey Smirnov: audio (in Russian).

13 Nov 2017: DotNext 2017: video (in Russian).

21 May 2017: DevZen Podcast with @afiskon, @sum3rman, @sbozhko, and @gliush: audio (in Russian).

12 Apr 2017: The Art of Programming with @golodnyj: audio (in Russian).

11 Mar 2017: Razbor Poletov (issue 129) with @gamussa et al.: audio (in Russian).

28 Sep 2017: Podlodka (issue 29) with @igrekde et al.: video, audio (in Russian).

3 Sep 2016: Razbor Poletov (issue 116) with @gamussa et al.: audio (in Russian).

10 Mar 2016: Razbor Poletov (issue 105) with @gamussa et al.: audio (in Russian).

17 Sep 2014: CollaborationSuperpowers with Lisette Sutherland: video.

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