Elegant Objects Reviews


“Elegant Objects” is a book series about object-oriented programming. There are two volumes at the moment, they are available for purchase on Amazon. This page contains some of the reviews readers were ever sending me. I try to put the most interesting ones here, from all possible sources, including Amazon, GoodReads, email, chats, etc. There is no particular order in this list.

David West, Author of Object Thinking:
“Yegor Bugayenko’s books, Elegant Objects I & II, show you how to correctly and elegantly implement the object concept in code; while all other books show you how to use code to warp and corrupt the object concept.”

Anton Arhipov, Java Champion, Developer Advocate at ZeroTurnaround:
“Probably the most practical book about OOP I’ve read so far.”

Ben Nadel, Co-founder at InVision:
“I definitely enjoyed this book and will be re-reading it again soon.”

Baruch Sadogursky, Developer Advocate of JFrog:
“It’s facinating.”

Eduards Sizovs, Co-founder of DevTernity:
“Well-written, entertaining, practical, bold and marginal at times.”

Anton Chernousov, Founder of The Art of Programming:
“It is one of the best books if you have a lot of experience in different projects.”

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