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“256 Bloghacks” is a book about blogging. It says everything I can say about my blogging experience here, at this blog. I put all my numbers there, all stats and all secrets. It is a collection of hints, hacks, ideas, and recommendations. Hopefully it will help young bloggers to achieve some success, at least initially. My blog is not really big, but it gets 60,000 unique monthly visitors now and keeps growing. You will definitely learn something new from this book. Buy it on Amazon (please, don’t forget to review it there!), ISBN: 1537688669.
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Dec 25, 2017: InstantView template for Telegram.

Dec 24, 2017: buffer.rss with quotes for Buffer.com.

Dec 18, 2017: Created and published my calendar.

Dec 17, 2017: Added Google social profile.

Mar 5, 2017: Added unique words counter here. It seems that my vocabulary is 8,679 words. Not bad.

Feb 23, 2017: I’ve got the first full-size review of the book from one of its main reviewers/contributors (Wojciech Adam Koszek). I will add more reviews to this list once they show up:

Feb 16, 2017: Added Twitter Cards to all pages, in default.html.

Jan 24, 2017: Added rich-snippet review information for Google search. I have no idea what this is for, but it makes my pages look nicer in Google search result page.

Jan 13, 2017: I will post here all technical and content changes I’m making to the blog, in order to include them later into the second edition of the book. I will describe them here just briefly, without any analysis. You may take a look at this page time to time, to get fresh ideas for your blog too. A few days ago I added og:image meta to all blog posts and longdesc to all front images. Also added total Disqus comments counter to the full list of blog posts.

Nov 6, 2016: It’s available on Amazon for $40.96! Thanks to all reviewers who helped me fine tune it before publishing (in order of importance of their contribution): Wojciech Adam Koszek, Raul Estrada, Andriy Kryvtsun, Mariana Lutsiuk, Marcos Douglas B. Santos, Matheus Gontijo, Alexey Semenyuk, Kevin Sahin, Danny Derakhshan. There are 214 pages, 46,441 words, and exactly 256 hints for blogging. I really hope to get your Amazon reviews. Honest ones, of course.

Sep 22, 2016: It’s finished. There are 181 pages, 38K words, and I still feel like I forgot to say something important. I’m interested in your feedback. Please, email me to book@yegor256.com if you are interested in becoming the first reader and helping me review it. I will send you the entire book in PDF, you will make your comments and questions and email them back to me. I’m mostly interested to know what else you would want me to say there—what did I forget.

Sep 9, 2016: I started to write it.

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