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I'm Yegor Bugayenko (Russian: Его́р Бугае́нко), a programmer, a founder, an investor, and a philanthropist.

As a programmer I write mostly in Java, but also in Ruby, PHP and JavaScript. I'm a founder and a lead architect of takes.org and rultor.com. I'm using IntelliJ products (my settings.jar for Java). Here are my favorite books about software engineering. I'm an Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect (OCMEA). Besides that, I'm a proud holder of ZCE, ZFCE, and OCUP. I also wrote a book about object-oriented programming, called Elegant Objects (and a few other books).

As a founder and CEO at Zerocracy, a software engineering and management platform with an absolutely unique methodology called XDSD, I'm an author of a few patent applications, including Puzzle Driven Development (PDD) Method and Software and Method for Software Cost Estimating Using Scope Champions. I'm a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®). Besides that, I'm a proud holder of RUP, PRINCE2 Foundation, MCP and COSMIC certificates.

As an investor at SeedRamp.com I have made a few investments, but have got no results yet :)

As a philanthropist I donate a few thousand dollars every year (started in 2015) to the best open source project, which I pick myself out of about a hundred in a more or less fair competition.

Once a month I send a summary email of my writing activity. If you're interested to know what's going on here, I can add you to my mailing list. Just give me your email address and briefly explain who you are and why you're interested (I'm trying to avoid anonymous subscribers).

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Ah, one more thing. I'm a big fan of good movies, here is my list, I would recommend you to watch.