Code Ahead


"Code Ahead" will be my second book. It will be about software engineering. It will contain a number of best practices, which help software live longer. All of that principles I've learned from my practical experience. It will be published in 2017.

Mar 7, 2017: I wrote a two-page intro to the book. It will be a novel. A novel about programmers, testers, managers, executives, clients, and computers. The main character will try to fight his way through a very typical corporate culture. I've never done fiction writing before. Let's see how will it work out.

Nov 20, 2016: I've got over 30 emails from those who are interested in reviewing this book. To make the process transparent let's make it simple. I will put applicants in a list and let you vote. The best 12, elected by you, will get the early draft of the book and will help me review it. To get into the list, please fill this simple form.

Aug 15, 2016: I finally found the right name for this book: "Code Ahead." It is derived from "think ahead," with a focus on code and coders. The book will explain what I think has to be done in any software project to make the lifetime of the software longer.

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