My Pet Projects

It's a full list of my pet projects (which are still alive). If interested in helping any of them, don't hesitate to email. Also, there are a number of projects, which I haven't fully started yet, because I don't have enough time. If you're a Java or Ruby programmer, I'd be interested to discuss a co-founding opportunity for you: I will pay for all project expenses and you will write software. We will be co-founders. Email me.

badge is a chat bot that helps GitHub projects automate their basic DevOps procedures, including merging, deploying, and releasing. It is open source and non-profit. More about it at these articles:, a Merging Bot and Deployment Script vs. Rultor.
Founded 5-Jun-13.

badge is a website availability monitor that constantly HTTP requests your website to measure how often it falls down. The generated availability metric is accessible via a nice SVG badge, a landing page, and via JSON/XML. More about it here:, Your Website Availability Monitor.
Founded 10-Mar-2017.

badge is an instant CDN for small projects. It helps webmasters to eliminate the necessity to pay for CDN and spend time configuring it. More about it here:, an Instant and Free CDN.
Founded 2-Mar-2016.

badge is a hosted puzzles collector for GitHub projects, which automates and streamlines Puzzle Driven Development in any public or private GitHub repository. This project is a member of Zerocracy family. More about it here: PDD in Action.
Founded 8-Dec-2016.

badge is a lightweight Basic authentication gateway for Amazon S3 buckets. Unfortunately AWS doesn't provide such a useful and simple functionality, that's why I created this small hosted service, which is actively used by 1000+ buckets up to date. More about it here: Basic HTTP Auth for S3 Buckets
Founded 22-Aug-2012.

badge is a hosted set of micro-services that help achieve statefulness in a multi-server/node environments. In other words, it provides persistent simple things accessible over the network. Still not clear? Check this out: Synchronization Between Nodes.
Founded 7-May-2014.

badge is an open source Java web framework, which adheres to almost all principles of object-oriented programming explained in my Elegant Objects book. More about it in this article: Java Web App Architecture In Takes Framework.
Founded 8-Jan-2015.

badge is an open source Java library of object-oriented primitives, which are the alternatives to Guava, Apache Commons, and JDK. More about it in this article: Object-Oriented Declarative Input/Output in Cactoos.
Founded 23-May-2017.

Others (less stable or successful): tacit, qulice, jcabi, xembly, netbout, thindeck, wring, h12.

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