Elegant Objects (Volume 1) is my first book. It is about object-oriented programming, from an idealistic and, maybe, a bit futuristic point of view. There are 23 independent recommendations for a practical OOP designer on how to make code cleaner, classes more solid and architecture more visible.
Published: 22 Feb 2016.


256 Bloghacks is a book about blogging, disclosing all techniques, secrets and tactics I'm using at this blog. It contains many small and big recommendations, which I would be glad to hear when I started blogging. Unfortunately, I didn't have that book back then. You have a chance to learn everything in just one go.
Published: 6 Nov 2016.


I'm writing the second volume of Elegant Objects. It will cover more object-oriented patterns and anti-patterns, including MVC, ORM, annotations, printers, validators, inheritance and subtyping, dependency injection, reflection, and others.
To be published in February April 2017.


Code Ahead will be a novel about software engineering. I will propose a number of best practices for organizing software development process. What will be interesting is that it will be fiction book, with characters, plot, jokes, dialogs, etc.
To be published in February August 2017.

To be continued...

How to Get a Discount

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