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Yegor Bugayenko
29 November 2016


It’s time to do it! We’ve started work on a new programming language. Its name is EO (as in Elegant Objects or in Esperanto): It’s open source and community driven: yegor256/eo GitHub repo. It’s still in very early draft form, but the direction is more or less clear: It has to be truly object-oriented, with no compromises. You’re welcome to join us.

Why yet another language? Because there are no object-oriented languages on the market that are really object-oriented, to my knowledge. Here are the things I think do not belong in a pure object-oriented language:

And many other minor mistakes that Java and C++ are full of.

At the moment, we think that EO will compile into Java. Not into byte-code, but into .java files, later compilable to byte-code.

I really count on your contribution. Please submit your ideas as tickets and pull request to the yegor256/eo GitHub repo.