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Yegor Bugayenko
17 October 2015

Software Quality Award, 2016

This is the second year of the Software Quality Award. The prize is still the same—$4,096. The rules were changed a bit. Read on. BTW, 2015 is here.


Each project must be:

The best project is selected using this criteria.

What doesn’t matter:

By the way, if you want to sponsor this award and increase the bonus, email me.

60 projects submitted so far (in random order):

15 Oct 2016: I asked one of our Java developers to do a preliminary analysis of all projects. This is the report he sent me back today: award-2016.txt (you can find your project there). I added my comments to his pluses and minuses (see them right in that text file). Based on his opinion and a preliminary analysis I picked these few finalists:

I’m sorry for being late, but I need a few more days to analyze them properly and decide which one gets the prize. I will announce the winner on 21st of October, in six days. I will email everybody and publish my decision here.

18 Oct 2016: This is my analysis of that seven finalists. I tried to pay as much attention to each project as possible (they all are rather good).

pholser/junit-quickcheck (19K LoC, 80K HoC)

NullVoxPopuli/aeonvera (46K LoC, 835K HoC)

SimonKagstrom/kcov (15K LoC, 50K HoC)

skinny-framework/skinny-framework (44K LoC, 191K HoC)

paypal/squbs (28K LoC, 163K HoC)

ben-manes/caffeine (47K LoC, 191K HoC)

coala/coala (15K LoC, 274K HoC)

I can’t find a strong single leader… Let me think about it.

23 Oct 2016: I didn’t find a single leader this year and the prize goes to two projects: pholser/junit-quickcheck and coala/coala ($2,048 to each one).

Congratulations to @pholser and @sils, the winners!

Here are your badges:


Put this code into GitHub README (replace ??? with your GitHub name in the URL):

<a href="">
  <img src="//"
  style="width:203px;height:45px;" alt='winner'/></a>

Thanks to everybody for participation! See you next year.