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Yegor Bugayenko
1 April 2024

Ping Me, Please!

There is a big difference between distributed and collocated teams: the communication in distributed teams is asynchronous, which essentially means that when you ask something, a response doesn’t arrive immediately. Moreover, it may never arrive. This can be very uncomfortable for those who are used to the office work setup, where most communications are synchronous: any question is answered immediately, one way or another. In open-source repositories, everything is asynchronous. Here is a simple rule that may help you decrease the level of frustration in GitHub projects: ping them every time you need an answer or attention to be paid to your code.

There are four basic scenarios:

Also, listen to what Ben Batler from GitHub said once: You essentially never “walk over” to a coworker’s desk, virtual or otherwise. Whenever possible, prefer issues and chat over “just in time” communications. Simply put, don’t text me in Telegram.