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Yegor Bugayenko
23 August 2016

Eight Levels of Communication Maturity

Each software team organizes its communications in its own specific way. Some use Slack, Trello, or GitHub; others just sit together in the same room. There are many methods and tools. I believe it’s possible to rank them by the amount of damage they cause to your project. This is the list of all of them I’m aware of at the moment.

The damage I’m talking about is caused mostly by the distance between these communication channels and project artifacts. The farther away people stay from documents, the bigger the risk of losing information. And lost information is the first source of trouble in any project.

Here is the list; it starts with the most damaging communication means and goes down to the most mature and professional ones, which cause the least amount of trouble:

Which one of these is your project using right now? I would strongly recommend you stay away from communication channels at the top of this list.