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Yegor Bugayenko
15 April 2014

Definition Of Done

Definition of Done (DoD) is a key definition used in Scrum and the one we also use in XDSD. DoD is an exit criteria of a simple atomic task and answers the question: “Am I done with this task?” Moreover, DoD answers the question: “Will I be paid for the task?” In XDSD, the definition of “done” is very simple—the task is done iff its author accepts the deliverables.

At XDSD, our first and most important principle states that someone is paid only when they provide deliverables. Combining the definition of done and the principle of paying only for deliverables provides us a very important conclusion: we do not pay for un-finished tasks.

Every task has its own time budget. Regardless of the number of people who worked on a task previously, only the last one—the one who managed to provide a working deliverable—receives payment.

To better understand this principle, you should read: No Obligations Principle.

Your goal as a developer working on a task should be to close it and receive payment as soon as possible. To that end, here are few things that can help you complete tasks and receive payments without too much frustration:

It is important to remember that, as a developer, it is your responsibility to ensure that tasks are closed and you receive payment.