Movies for Thanasis

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Sometime ago, I recommended a list of movies to a friend of mine after he told me was losing all interest in "Hollywood."

Level C titles are supposed to be impossible to understand unless you've seen (and understood) their prequels -- listed in sections A and B. So, start browsing the lists in sections A and post your comments if you have any. :)

Level A

First Post

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This is the first post on my new blog. Therefore, it's not about anything in particular—just an introduction and my way of saying hello. This blog will be primarily about software development ideas. As my About Me page says, I'm passionate about software quality, and will write solely about my ideas and views on it.

Anyway, welcome to my new blog. Together, let's see how this works out! :)

D29, a prototype

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D29 is a prototype of a new programming language and a development platform. Well, actually, not a prototype yet, but just an idea. As it looks to me, the languages we have now (even the most modern ones) are still close to COBOL/C and far from being truly elegant and modern.

Would be great if we can design a language/platform, which will be a mix of object oriented programming and functional programming, and will have all the features listed below, out-of-the-box.

Puzzle Driven Development

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PDD, or Puzzle Driven Development, is a method used to break down programming tasks into smaller ones and enable their implementation in parallel. The PDD method is used widely in XDSD methodology. The method is pending a USPTO patent (application no. 12/840,306).