Here is a list of topics I'm going to write about in the next few months. If you want to add something here, please submit a pull request.

Good vs bad people:

Sociotech skills

Design bubble

How much OOP is in Kotlin?

Fluent interface and OOP:

Serialize/deserialize and OOP:

How to do risk management right

Why do we need interfaces if we have PowerMock?

How to implement data layer in OOP

Data structures, sorting, and OOP:

Prototype-based inheritance



Object composition vs function composition

Biggest mistakes architects make

Technical democracy - how to make decisions with multiple opinions

Equality is a perfect way to ruin a software team

Bigger ORM example:

Example of properly architectured projects/proper architecture with pictures.

Word about a distributed systems, how should they communicate with each other (should it be RPC-over-something or message passing or whatever).

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