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Yegor Bugayenko
18 November 2016

Software Conferences to Attend

This is my list of software conferences that are worth attending, as a speaker and a listener; with a focus on Java and project management. I will try to update this list regularly, mostly not to forget where I have to submit my talks. Hopefully the list will help you too, to make the right choice and never miss their CFP deadlines.

Name Place When CFP
JEEConf Kiev May Jan
AgileEE Kiev Apr Jan
GeekOUT Tallinn Jun Feb
JavaOne San Francisco Sep Mar
Devoxx Antwerp Nov Apr
JavaZone Oslo Sep Apr
Øredev Malmö Nov Apr
QCon San Francisco Nov May
JFokus Stockholm Feb Jun
JPoint Moscow Apr Dec
GeeCON Krakow May Dec

Did I forget anything?